B2B Exchange

List Factory’s B2B Exchange is a membership-based business data co-op where businesses contribute customer data and take other responsive data out.

B2B Exchange is the first of its kind in Australia – an innovative data cooperative offering the actual transactional history of businesses to predict their future buying activity. With many hundreds of thousands of records, it is the most substantial response generated B2B transactional data source in the country.

You can refine your B2B Exchange data selections to get your best potential customers using List Factory Firmographics such as:

  • ANZSIC industry codes
  • Number of employees
  • SOHO indicators
  • Type of business registered
  • Age of business
  • Phone & Fax numbers
  • Business information for segmentation.

We can also apply data appends to your contributed records to enhance your own customer marketing activities.

b2b exchange data co-op
B2B Exchange