Fusion List

Fusion List is built using transactional data, real purchase history, and real responders.

Understanding your audience is a key component in strengthening your business. This is why targeted consumer data is a must when it comes to finding your best future customers. List Factory created a specialised data pool list, called Fusion List that uses detailed consumer data to help you improve your ROI.

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Fusion List

Here at List Factory, our Fusion List is based on RFM data (Recency, Frequency, Monetary,) and responders to offers; meaning the data is updated via a mix of real transactions and responses and information from a variety of sources. Our consumer database contains information from over 4 million Australian households and is always accurate and updated regularly.

All records on Fusion List are regularly cleaned to remove privacy suppressions, deceased records, and Do Not Call Register (DNCR) suppressions. All records are also verified to comply with Australia Post’s postal address format standards. Fusion List can provide you with all your mailing list and telemarketing list needs. It is a marketing list that can be rented by most companies including charities and utilities for direct marketing purposes.

Fusion List is highly responsive because List Factory can select the consumers that are most likely to respond to your offer. Consumers can be targeted according to:

  • Recency (when they were last active)
  • Frequency (how often they buy or respond)
  • Age, income, and home ownership status
  • Purchase method (credit card, cash, money order)
  • Purchase channel (mail piece, telephone sale, internet order)
  • CAMEO geodemographics
  • Geography including states, postcodes, CCDs, meshblocks, and DPIDs
  • Profiling and modelling sample consumer data.

The database is regularly updated with new buyers and responders ensuring the data remains responsive and accurate. Contributors to the list update their information and include any new records each quarter.

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Find consumers or donors most likely to respond to your campaign.

The List Factory deliverability guarantee attests to Fusion List’s accuracy, with 95% mail deliverability and 90% telephone number deliverability. We offer a free Fusion List analysis to all businesses using the list to provide counts using actual consumer data matches.

Fusion List is available to non-competitive companies outside of the mail order, catalog and consumer merchandise sector. List Factory reserves the right to refuse usage to any third-party list user or agent.