Sustainable Customer Acquisition via Catalogues Using List Factory Data

At List Factory, we have helped many traditional addressed catalogues over the years grow their customer bases using data for marketing via direct mail and catalogues in Australia.

Catalogues – Home Shopping – Merchandisers – just some of the other terms used to categorise mail order catalogues.

To help these businesses, we manage Australia’s largest and most comprehensive transactional data pool in Fusion Exchange where catalogues pool together their transactional data with others at List Factory to predict which prospects have the best chance of response and purchase.

Cost Effective and Responsive Data

We undertake intelligent analysis of a cataloguer’s customers against other consumer databases at List Factory to model more prospects that will respond to their direct mail campaigns. These services are ideal for marketers needing to acquire new buyers via cost effective catalogues or direct mail.

List Factory’s process identifies prospects most likely to respond to your brand using a combination of transactional data, affinity to other brands, and demographic information.

We have developed this type of analysis for the mail order catalogue sector and have worked extensively with many different cataloguers since 2006 in Australia. Furthermore, we have taken on the best bits of advice too from other overseas data cooperatives to continue to innovate as well.

We use our extensive experience and customised technology to analyse your data against hundreds of thousands of prospects and information variables to find those consumers with a proven history or high probability of responding to your catalogue. Our advice can help you target the different groups of prospects to continually test and acquire new customers through direct mail or catalogues.

This precision prospecting saves you time, money, and resources – three things all companies need more of.

home shopping mail order catalogues
List Factory has worked extensively with the mail order catalogues sector since 2006.

Our Goals

We work with mail order catalogues to build a plan around their budget with recommendations of what data to use and test. We recognise the growing influence of online and at home shopping in Australia – and recognise the trends in overseas markets as well. Our passion is utilising data to help you find more customers by using all channels – including traditional catalogues and direct mail – to engage the consumer’s purchase behaviour and communicate with them through multiple channels where possible.

Understanding Purchase Behaviour

List Factory will provide you with the necessary data, analysis, advice and testing matrix needed to thoroughly target new mail order buyers in Australia.

Home shopping and e-commerce is growing in Australia – and maintaining a diverse mix of marketing channels is a must.