Housefile Services

Gain new insights into your new and existing customers and prospects with List Factory’s Housefile Services.

A housefile is an integral piece for businesses. That is where your customer and prospective customers’ information is gathered such as their name, phone numbers, and addresses. Customer information can be inaccurate and outdated. Housefile services, such as reactivation and data appends, find inconsistencies and add in information.

Customer Reactivation

Our Customer Reactivation service will help your business discover who the inactive or lapsed customers and donors are and if they may be active elsewhere. List Factory can discover any existing opportunities to reactivate this kind of customer. Trying to reactivate customers is typically a difficult and costly endeavour.

Our Customer Reactivation service makes it easier for you to pinpoint lapsed and inactive consumers and businesses, allowing you to effectively set up your mail and telemarketing campaigns.

List Factory will also look to see if your lapsed customers have the same address and provide you with a list of customers who have been active elsewhere recently. This reduces the costs of marketing campaigns by telling you exactly who your active prospects are and where to reach them.

Who is targeted by a reactivation service? It’s not just lapsed or inactive customers who are examined, but any prospect who has expressed interest in your business but has not made a sale.

find lapsed customers that are active elsewhere
List Factory can find your inactive or lapsed customers and see if they are active elsewhere.

Data Appends

List Factory can append a range of transactional and demographic style data variables to your customer data for in-house data analysis purposes. This involves finding inconsistencies in your customer database to update information such as phone numbers and mailing addresses. Accurate and fresh information is the key to driving sales and launching marketing campaigns. List Factory’s data appending services are exclusive to members of our B2B Exchange and Fusion Exchange data cooperatives.

Data appends help make campaign planning, internal analysis, and database selections easier. Knowing who your customers are and how to contact them is imperative. We strive to supply accurate and comprehensive data that will support your business and drive sales. Data appends also helps improve your ROI.

If your business is in need of one of our housefile or other services, please submit an enquiry to List Factory to learn more about what we can do for you!