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Core B2B is Australia’s first business mailing list that drills down to find active, responsive businesses and decision makers by using information on millions of Australian businesses.

Core B2B was created by List Factory by merging together B2B data from a variety of sectors and data sources. It can provide you with all your business mailing list and telemarketing list needs.

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Core B2B

Core B2B is a business marketing list that can be rented by all companies including merchandise, utilities, and other product and services businesses for direct marketing purposes. The data pool has over 900,000 Australian-based businesses, providing an in-depth look into recent business activity throughout the country.

The main focus of Core B2B is to examine and focus on the small to medium enterprises because they make up more than 95% of Australian businesses. The data pool list pinpoints the businesses that need your products and often identifies the directors, partners or owners who make the buying decisions in the small and medium companies.

Core B2B creates a valuable view of business activity and business leads by combining information such as their last activity date, their time in business, contact information, and other business features. You can target and select new, high-value prospects by a number of identifiable factors such as:

  • Recency (date of last purchase, verification, and enquiry)
  • Multi-sourced records (how many sources data appears on)
  • Business / Industry type (ANZSIC Industry Codes)
  • Company size (SOHOS, small and medium business focused)
  • Job titles (majority directors, owners, partners, etc.)
  • Private or government establishments
  • Age or time of establishment for businesses
  • Geography (city or regional locations, states, postcodes, and DPIDs)
  • Phone or mail data.

We guarantee Core B2B will provide 95% mailing list deliverability and 90% telephone number deliverability!

b2b database mailing lists
List Factory’s databases – creating a valuable view of business activity.

We guarantee Core B2B will provide 95% mailing list deliverability and 90% telephone number deliverability!

Recency is a key driver of accuracy. Knowing that a business was active at an address or phone number recently is one of the most important aspects of data quality. It is one of the features List Factory builds into all its data products, especially Core B2B, Fusion List, and Data Cooperatives.

List Factory values data integrity above all else. We strive to ensure our data is as responsive and accurate as possible. That is why Core B2B is refreshed at least quarterly with updates and new records.

Also, Core B2B is regularly cleaned to remove privacy suppressions, goneaway records, and DNCR suppressions. Records are also verified to comply with Australia Post’s postal address format standards keeping your mailing lists accurate.

Do you think your business can thrive with Core B2B?