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List Factory utilises Australia’s first online, on-demand verification service that uses transactional and behavioural data for prospect and customer database reviews.

The key to any successful business is having fresh, accurate, real-time data in order to drive sales and launch successful marketing campaigns. List Factory is meticulous in our examination of customer databases – looking for inconsistencies by matching records through transactional and behavioural data.

Fusion Now is an immediate online verification service that is breaking new ground in the data verification process. It allows you to verify, validate, and append decisioning data on demand to your new prospect and customer database.

The on-demand verification service, Fusion Now, allows you to get immediate customer verification, prospect validation, and decision data in real-time. The service works by examining Australian transactional, behavioural, and demographic data in order to provide accurate information for your customer databases.

Verify, Validate, and Append Data

Fusion Now uses List Factory’s large data pools to access millions of accurate, updated records to verify and validate customer information like new sign-ups. In order to do so, Fusion Now works in conjunction with our reactivation and data append services.

Verifying customer and prospect databases is the first step in reactivating lapsed or active elsewhere customers and in appending customer information. Our reactivation service involves looking into the customer’s address and recent history.

Fusion Now Verification ensures that this information is checked and up-to-date in order to save your business money and to launch an effective marketing campaign. This, in turn, will help improve your business’ ROI.

Data appending is a service that uses List Factory data variables to conduct an in-house data analysis to your customer database. This looks for inconsistencies and voids in your data. We can add accurate telephone numbers and can clean residential and business addresses as well.

Fusion Now ensures that the appending data is indeed accurate. Updating your customer database will improve your next marketing campaign and reduce the costs of your marketing.

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Fusion Now

Nothing to Lose

Verifying your data with Fusion Now gives you cleaner information. Not only does it complete your customer data, but it can pinpoint errors such as typos. Many databases also have waste. From disconnected phone numbers to returned mail, your database may have a lot of time and cost-reducing data. By adding correct information, your segmentation will improve, and you will save money on marketing efforts leading to no one.

Need your customer and prospect databases verified?