Who Uses Us

We are passionate about helping any type of business with their data – strengthening their business and driving new customers. We have helped businesses in the aforementioned industry vectors with our data list services. Our services include the innovative and responsive Fusion List, Core B2B, and B2C Fusion Exchange.

We help businesses with all their mailing and telemarketing needs by creating an updated and accurate direct marketing list in Fusion List. We examine what consumers are most likely to respond to your offers by looking into their recency (date of last purchase), their method of purchase, purchase channel, age, location, geodemographics, income, and more. This allows us to predict future buying patterns that you can use to drive more sales.

We utilise Core B2B, our marketing list that allows you to target SME’s and SOHO’s mostly through a database derived from a variety of sources. Our direct marketing lists for B2B are created by examining information such as their buying habits, their time in business, contact person, and recent activities.

Having an accurate and up to date marketing list ensures your business is running a more effective and efficient marketing campaign because money is not wasted on prospects who will never purchase your products or services. Core B2B is the ideal platform for any business looking to improve the quality of their prospecting efforts.

Here at List Factory, we use innovative Data Cooperatives such as B2C Fusion Exchange and B2B Exchange. Each data co-op is membership-based and guarantees accurate and fresh information. Fusion Exchange allows businesses to target millions of Australian consumers with its responsive transactional data. This allows you to predict how certain consumers will buy or purchase in the future.

Our other data co-op, B2B Exchange, works like B2C Fusion Exchange but also gives you access to data profiling, data modelling, and data management in your industry sectors. B2B Exchange allows businesses to have up-to-date prospect information to improve mailing and telemarketing campaigns. All businesses are able to join our data cooperatives provided they meet the data pool’s requirements. Whether you need to build a direct marketing list, direct mailing list, or telephone marketing list, List Factory has what you need.

We would love to hear from you about your data needs.