Data Services

List Factory helps you understand who your customers are, where they live, and how they behave in order to drive sales with our multiple data services.

List Factory offers a range of data services to ensure your customer databases are always accurate and fresh. Having accurate and up-to-date customer information helps improve your ROI and marketing campaigns.

List Factory’s data services give you insights into your database quality, customers, and prospects. How is it done?

Data Quality, Deduping and Data Management

More specifically, List Factory focuses on data hygiene, deduping of files and single customer views across multiple data assets. Every business seeking to improve their marketing campaigns needs to make sure their data collection process and data pools are as accurate as possible to avoid spending money on customers that will never convert.

List Factory’s data services ensure your data has gone through a scrubbing process to eliminate incomplete, improperly formatted, or duplicate data.

For businesses that compile millions of data points on a consumer, nothing is more frustrating than reviewing customer data only to discover customers have been unnecessarily segmented multiple times. List Factory’s data deduping services consolidates all of these records while eliminating duplicate information thus ensuring a single set of data is retained per customer you want to target.

Once the data has gone through our deduping process we can easily build a single customer view profile that will allow you to pick and choose the necessary information you need to launch your campaigns successfully.

With our single customer view, you will reach your target market and deliver a seamless message across multiple channels no matter if you are running a mailing or telemarketing campaign, or both.

list factory data services

Other Data Services

We offer Housefile Services that help you gain fresh insights into your new and old customers, as well as your prospective customers. Our housefile services include reactivation and data appends.

Reactivation involves finding lapsed consumers who are active elsewhere and then finding opportunities to drive them back to your business or charity.

Additionally, List Factory’s Data Append Service is excellent for making campaign planning, internal analysis, and database selections easier. This is done by finding and filling in the blanks in your customer database where we can. We can clean up addresses and append phone numbers, improving your mail and telemarketing campaigns. Data appends can also help you better understand your customer demographics – knowing who and where your customers are.

Here at List Factory, we use our very own Fusion Now Data Verification service to ensure your databases are as clean as they should be. Verification through Fusion Now gives us access to millions of up-to-date, accurate records that can be verified and validated.

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