Charity Mailing List Services

List Factory offers various mailing list services for charities looking to improve their marketing in a variety of ways.

Here at List Factory, we provide mailing list services for all charities, big and small. Having current and accurate information is important in any charity to successfully operate and reach their target audience. We can help with our charity mailing list services.

Data Appending Services

Databases are not perfect and can have inconsistencies such as inaccurate customer information, privacy issues, double entries, and outdated data. We can flag or append a wide range of transactional and geodemographic data variables to your customer data for in-house data analysis purposes, and other missing links like phone numbers or age range to help you create more targeted marketing lists.

List Factory’s Data Appending Services will help make campaign planning, internal analysis, and database selections easier by finding the inconsistencies in your data with our in-depth analysis. This can help future performance to run smoother and more efficiently.

Finding your niche audience and expanding it has never been easier with our data appends service. List Factory will give you an indication of how many matches we have before proceeding with the job.

You are only obligated to pay for the matches and not the number of records that are supplied to you. Using our Data Appending Services can help your charity gain an advantage.

charity database mailing list services
For an in-depth analysis of your donor database, try List Factory’s Data Appending Services.

Active Elsewhere Charity Data

Lapsed donors are donors who have been inactive from your charity within the previous two to three years. These types of donors can be huge for charitable organisations. Reactivating a lapsed donor is not only difficult but costly too. List Factory can look into your lapsed donors to find if they have been active elsewhere within the recent past and have donated to other charities.

How do we do this? When you provide us with a file of your lapsed donors, we will figure out if they reside at the same address as before. Discovering if they are still residing at the same address means that it is possible to reach out to the donor in order to re-engage them with your charity. If they have been active at another charity and have been providing charitable contributions, then that suggests they are still looking to help other charity missions and are more likely to donate to your organisation again.

If the services mentioned are not needed for your charity, but you require a different service, submit an enquiry to discuss the specific needs of your organisation.