Charity Marketing Campaigns Made Easy with List Factory

Here at List Factory, we are more than qualified to help your charity marketing campaigns reach their marketing acquisition goals with an up-to-date charity donor list. This can be done by identifying people who donate to charity by examining your mailing lists, telemarketing data, or by identifying donors in your target market.

Our consumer data can be analysed against a model or sample donor databases to find more prospects within Fusion List and Fusion Exchange. These services are ideal for any not-for-profit needing to efficiently improve their charity marketing campaigns to find new donors.

Donor Scorecard

List Factory’s Donor Scorecard process identifies the prospects most likely to respond to your appeals for charitable donations. We developed the Donor Scorecard process after working extensively with many different charitable and not-for-profit organisations since 2006. We understand that thriving in the market, especially in the charitable sector, is a difficult task.

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We knew that a specialised process was needed to drive a charity’s limited resources even further, leading to the creation of our customised Donor Scorecard process which helps find people who donate to charities and not-for-profit such as yours.

We use our extensive experience and customised technology to analyse hundreds of thousands of prospects and information variables to find those potential donors with a proven history or high probability of donating to your cause. Our analysis can help you target the different groups of prospects to continually acquire new donors.

This precision prospecting saves you time, money, and resources – three things all charitable organisations need more of.

Our Goals

We work with any charity to build a marketing list of the most likely charitable people for their cause. We recognise the social importance of charity work. Targeting the people that are most likely to donate to your charity helps us to help your cause. Our passion is utilising data to help you find more donors for your charitable mission and charity marketing efforts.

There is no cost to become cooperative members of Fusion Exchange and when you join you will receive a free, detailed data analysis; this detailed analysis gives you further insights into your customer database to make better marketing decisions to gain new customers.

Understanding Donor Habits

List Factory will provide you with the necessary data you need to find your prospects and reach out to them. Millions of Australians donate to charity each year, and there are over 50,000 charities registered in the country.

How can you as a charity stand out?