Free Charity Profiling


Do you know who your supporters are? Do you want to know more about them? – And then find more people like them? We can help!

List Factory offers FREE charity profiling that helps you raise money for charity by finding new and prospective donors for your organisation via our list building strategies. Our marketing lists will help your organisation target donors which can be marketed to through mailing or telemarketing campaigns.

Our consumer data can be analysed against a model or sample donor databases to find more prospects within Fusion List and Fusion Exchange. These services are ideal for any not-for-profit needing to efficiently improve their charity marketing campaigns to find new donors.

List Factory’s Profiling and Modelling Services Help Raise Money for Charity

All businesses are fueled by its consumers, in the case of charities, donors are a top priority. We offer you valuable insight into your donors with our free profiling service. The List Factory team are experts at using predictive data models and data analytics to get your cause more donors.

By examining the relationship between various datasets, we can discover similarities among the datasets, allowing you to gain valuable insights into your current donors and learn how to drive new donors from our mailing lists.

raise money for charity

Our data modelling service is used to identify the relationship between the frameworks within your database and ours. Your donor database provides the analytical data that can be used to make decisions. Having a strong model to acquire new donors from a marketing list is important in any charity as it directly affects your campaign performance. Our modelling service helps improve your data quality and improve the number of donations and donors.

The main job of our profiling and modelling services examine what your best donors look like. This information can be used to segment your audience according to their interest or habits, potentially increasing the response to your direct mailing or telemarketing campaigns to raise money for charity by attracting donors to your charity. Our models are easy to utilise, allowing you to effectively use list data for mailing or telemarketing campaigns.

How It’s Done

We analyse your active donors in our system and provide you with an insight into what your donors look like by comparing donor data. Demographic information such as their age, location, gender, and income can show who it is you need to appeal to the most. Both data profiling and data modelling are good services on their own, but together they provide a more in-depth insight into your data to build more targeted marketing lists.

List Factory will work with your team and data to report and provide marketing list recommendations based on the data analysis and modelling undertaken. Our methodology and approach can give you tailored access to hundreds of thousands of scored prospects with a high propensity to buy, donate, or respond to your offer – with all rankings related to the data we analyse.

Raising money for charity by understanding who you are trying to target.

There are no hidden fees for this service – you only pay for the list data rented to increase your ROI.