Data Co-ops

Accessing mailing lists and telemarketing data has never been easier than with data cooperatives. Co-ops allow you to access mailing and telemarketing data from other parties also managed by List Factory. Information is responsive and accurate, providing all users with the necessary data sets to strengthen their business and marketing campaigns and drive more customers.

Our data cooperative products – Fusion Exchange and B2B Exchange – give businesses access to millions of Australian-based consumers and businesses in one place.

fusion exchange data co-op
Fusion Exhcange

Fusion Exchange is a business to consumer data pool that specialises in several main industry verticals – including charities, mail order, online retail, and other businesses that drive more customers via direct mail or telemarketing.

b2b exchange data co-op
B2B Exchange

B2B Exchange, our business to business co-op, has hundreds of thousands of records available, making it the largest response generated B2B data source in the country.

We can also apply data appends to your contributed records to enhance your own customer marketing activities.

Contact us for more information on how we acquire sales leads on your behalf and how our data co-ops work.