Successful Home Shopping Direct Mail and Catalogue Campaigns Using List Factory Data

  • Online Retailers
  • E-tailers
  • Digital Natives
  • Pure Plays
  • Catalogue Marketers
  • Home Catalogues
  • Retailers

…just some of the terms used to categorise home shopping businesses.

At List Factory, we help home shopping brands grow using data for marketing via the traditional channels of direct mail and catalogues in Australia.

Transactional data is the best predictor of future buying behaviour – and at List Factory we manage Australia’s largest and most comprehensive transactional data pool in Fusion Exchange.

Our Goals

We work with any home shopping business to build a plan with recommendations of what data to use and test. We recognise the growing influence of online and at home shopping in Australia – and recognise the trends in overseas markets as well. Our passion is utilising data to help you find more customers by using all channels – including traditional marketing channels like catalogues and direct mail – to engage the consumer’s purchase behaviour.

Understanding and Acting on Purchase Behaviour

List Factory will provide you with the necessary data, analysis, advice and speciality team of other suppliers needed to find new home shopping buyers via direct mail or catalogue channels.

Home shopping and e-commerce are growing in Australia – and diversified marketing channels are a must.

How can you stand out as a brand and cut through to your new customers?