There are an increasing number of online businesses that are also using offline channels to prospect, and encourage loyal customers to purchase again.


The shift is being driven by costs and return on investment – including the increasing costs of online options and social media sites. If advertisers are unwilling to pay the increased cost, then the potential customers will be diverted to a competitor who is willing to accept the higher costs of online views.

In order to diversify their sources of new customers and test alternative channels, “digital natives” are increasingly using knowledge about their existing customers to target similar people through direct mail and telemarketing.

This trend is increasing in both Australia and overseas as shown in the articles referenced below.

Blog post on how brands such as Hello Fresh and Harry’s Razors are using direct mail to acquire new customers.

Article on how to tell if an e-commerce brand is ready to invest in direct mail.

Blog post on how brands have successfully pivoted from Facebook advertising to direct mail.

What once was old, is new again!

List Factory is already working with a number of businesses and can provide you with some real world examples of how we can help you integrate offline campaigns into your marketing mix.